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More than just a poached egg.

Egg Carbonara



This morning was my turn to be first out of bed . I set the animals free , fed the cats and let Lui out . Then I started  the kitchen fire and brought a cappuccino to Nick who was waiting in bed. Yes, my Birthday is well and truly over. All of this though , has been compensated by the fact that the normally green hills of Umbria are still covered in snow.

It’s been six days and there’s no sign of it stopping.  In the mornings we go for long walks and still everybody we pass seems to be smiling.  It’s  as if a little of the child  has come back to life in us all  …. well , for now anyway.






Our house still under the snow



Good Night



Apart from the walks and listening to the wind outside ,there isn’t really a lot to do . So , I decided to try my hand at a recipe we had at the Birthday restaurant. An Egg Carbonara , but without any pasta. I have to say it’s quite a strange idea ,but really , really tasty.  Nick thought it was probably the best course we had  ( even if he complained about the price for what he thought was little more than a poached egg ).

So , I’ve tried to do the recipe justice and after a few tries , I think I got something similar.  Believe me it’s a whole lot more than just poaching an egg.

Any way another white day has gone by , with more snow expected tonight. The animals are warm, we have wood, food and wine, and tomorrow isn’t my turn to make the cappuccinos. What more could you want from life?

Ingredients for 1 Egg Carbonara
1 egg
1/2 cup bread crumbs
Oil for frying
2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese
3 tablespoons fresh cream
Salt and pepper
1 thin slice of pancetta cut into small cubes
Evo oil

How it works: Separate  egg yolk from egg white. Fill up for a third a small cup with bread crumbs . Gently put in the egg yolk  and then cover it with more bread crumbs. Leave in fridge for two hours.
Gently fry pancetta cubes in Evo oil and set aside. Whisk the egg white until the foam  will be firm, pour into a mold and steam it at 86 degrees for 4 minutes. Set aside.
For the Parmesan cream : Cook over low heat for a couple of minutes  fresh cream and parmesan cheese with a pinch of pepper. Seat a side. Carefully take up the egg yolk from the small cup and  deep fry it for less than a minute . Set aside.
To assemble the dish: Pour on the plate parmesan cream and  diced bacon spread on top. Place steamed egg white at the center of your dish and put on lay on top fried egg .

1 comment to More than just a poached egg.

  • Ken Powell

    Dear Simona
    Again, lovely photos.
    Such a contrast to our Antipodean summer, although this year has been cooler and wetter than usual.
    Interesting recipe too.
    We are really looking forward to meeting you there in September. Your posts continue to increase the anticipation.
    Kind regards

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