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Sun dried Tomatoes

Tomato Passata sauce, part 1

Tomato Passata sauce, part 2

We need YOU

Chicken breast with sun-dried tomatoes, fresh herbs wrap in DOP mortadella. Gentely sous vide cooked.



This year the vineyard has done very well, we have lots of big, beautiful grapes. The maturation is complete , so now it’s time, like every year, to harvest. In fact, even the wild boar have realized that our grapes are very sweet and ripe, so during the night they are starting to eat them. Every year the farmer tries  to convince us  to put up a sort of electric cable around the vineyard to stop the wild boar  stealing our grapes but  as always the answer is NO thanks. We just  hope that these  sweet toothed  animals  will not be too greedy and  leave something to us to collect!

The initial plan was to organize the harvest for the weekend  of  the 22th and 23th September. Harvesting over the weekend  gives us a chance to have more people happy to come for a day out in the Umbrian country side who are  willing to help . But now things have changed, the Cantina where the  grapes are to go , have informed us that there is NO WAY  that they will be open on these dates.  SABATO E DOMENICA CHIUSO! SATURDAY AND SUNDAY CLOSED !

So now we have plan B in the hope that by 29th we will still have some grapes left on the vines  (remember  the wild boar!)……our next problem is that on Saturday 29th all the harvest MUST also be be delivered . So now the problem is WHO WILL  BE AVAILABLE TO COME HERE AND WORK A FULL DAY on SATURDAY  29TH??!! HELP and we really do need HELP. AIUTO.  There are 26 rows of vines so an average of 4500 kg of grapes …. in one day to pick!!!!! AIUTOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!HELP
There is no way out, we have to work hard this year, and we need YOU.





For those of you who participate in this good deed ,we can’t guarantee you’ll be rewarded in the afterlife . But , you will be rewarded here with a feast of Umbrian cooking and  as much wine as you can drink . Now , that can’t be bad !

So even if you have  never done it before please come along and give it a go .Send me an email or book your scissors and gloves by FaceBook or Twitter . We really hope to see you here.


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