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Sun dried Tomatoes

Tomato Passata sauce, part 1

Tomato Passata sauce, part 2

Variety is the spice of life

Mussels soutè


Ciao, here I am  back in Umbria ready to share  a few words and many images with  you showing what has made November an amazing month for me ,full of incredible emotions and beautiful experiences.

After flying to London for the second time this year I arrived in my “other kitchen” and with my friend  Lorna proceeded  to run two busy  weeks of our  Italian Cooking Workshop.

During this time not only it was  a great pleasure to meet up again with some fantastic people who had also joined us last year but also to meet many more new lovely people.  We proposed two different seasonal menus and the response was amazing. We all cooked  together during the classes, we laughed, ate and drank 100%  “Stile Italiano” .It was great fun and the time flew by so quickly.


The beauty of having a friend that shares your passion for food makes everything so  much easier, she doesn’t regard you as mad or odd if after days of being  enclosed in a busy kitchen all you want to do is see  MORE FOOD being prepared and cooked by other people! So on our first day off we left Calbornow Road kitchen and we enjoyed an afternoon at the Maltby Street Food Market  , I loved watching some  great chefs cooking beautiful and tasty  food ,with such a  variety to choose from!


On our last evening , after work  it has now  become a MUST to finish in style and treat our selves for a successful year.  We choose Kurobuta a Japanese  trendy place for our last meal  before I left  the big city….

I just feel so lucky to be able to share my passion for Italian food in a different country by running these classes in London with a true friend and amazing chef like Lorna Dunhill.

What can I say I JUST LOVED IT ALL  !!!

But the fun of my UK experience wasn’t over————

In fact it continued a bit like a romantic movie , after 18 days separation from my husband Nick, I was to meet him at Victoria Station, London. There I was standing  in Victoria surrounded by my big heavy luggage looking very Italian and lost when Nick was walking towards me with  a big lovely smile. He had just flown in from Italy ready to take me for a beautiful holiday in Wells- next- the- Sea, Norfolk

Wells- next- the- sea it is a small fisherman’s  village, so beautiful and romantic in the winter time.


We were able to spend days and days  walking along one of the most amazing beaches in Europe ,every evening we drank good wine and ate super yummy local food  Mussel, Crab, and of course Fish and Chips  and then Beef, Venison….OMG I tell you , I could keep going and  going….but I think you’ve probably got the idea. Perhaps it was all that sea air that made us so hungry !!!

After a month  away from my farmhouse, I am now  back home. I must say I feel very lucky to live in this beautiful part of the world and after this refreshing  holiday ,Nick and I are both ready and recharged to host friends and family for the Xmas holidays .  The fires are lit and we are just planning what to cook …I am back in my kitchen!




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