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Sun dried Tomatoes

Tomato Passata sauce, part 1

Tomato Passata sauce, part 2

No olives, no harvest, no party...BUT..

Homemade ravioli stuffed with pumpkin and Saronno amaretti biscuits, served with butter and sage sauce


It’s November and normally we are preparing for our annual olive harvest . Some friends have already sent emails asking to join us and the students from the University of Arizona in Orvieto  say they are full of energy, happy and ready to help out.

Pictures of our Olive trees

First of all let me say : GRAZIE, thank you all for your kindness,  but unfortunately for the first time in the14 years we have lived in Umbria, we do not have any olives to harvest !  And the reason for  this is very simple, RAIN  lots of it all through the summer. The few olives that are on the trees are not good or have already fallen to the ground … in short, a real tragedy.

Allerona village with olive trees

Allerona village from our olive grove

Other farmers in the area of Umbria and Tuscany are all having the same problem. This very wet summer has caused a lot of damage which started with the local grape growing (reduced by one third for many farmers) and now the olives.

View of olive trees and sheep from our garden

Sadly there will be a very little production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Central Italy this year.
So I’m sorry to have to say no olives, no  harvest, no party.


This does, however, give me the opportunity to have few days to  relax before my London trip.
Bookings are continuing to come in and I’m super happy about that.

Of course I’m talking about the ‘Italian Cooking Workshop’ that I will run for the second year with my friend Lorna. So London check it out !! Starting November 13th to 26th . This our sweet presentation video.

I will be there ready and happy to cook with those who have an interest and would love to get to know the REAL Italian cuisine. The location will be the same, Lorna’s beautiful kitchen, the TWO NEW MENUS will include  Pappardelle with a rich game sauce, Homemade ravioli stuffed with pumpkin and Saronno amaretti biscuits plus Cantucci biscuits  ……..but anyway.. maybe it’s better that you look directly at the menus, but I am warning you , be ready to have your mouths watering!

Italian Cooking Workshop London

Booking is easy, so I hope  it will be a good opportunity to get to know some of you UK readers.
When I arrived in England last year I had with me lots of goodies from Italy, smoked pancetta, pecorino cheese.. ok I know..I sound like the typical Italian who travels to a different country and brings her food with her, ITS TRUE  !! I know it sounds pathetic and I know I can easily find lots of good Italian stuff in London…but I know I will exactly do the same this time. ONE because last time people that came LOVED the taste of this amazing cheese and TWO because it really is so good. Any way this time, in November I will fly with the British Airways , the national airline, so keep fingers crossed  they will not notice my stinky cheese hidden in the suitcase!
So for now a big hug to all of you and if you like to keep up to date on how things are going on the trip once I am there, you can follow me and my stinky cheese through my social network.



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