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Umbrian hills

cannoli with strawberries and ricotta cheese

Everyone knows that Italians really like to talk about two things: food and weather! I confirm  this is true and then and to be on the same page, here I am complaining about the weather , but I am also speaking of a food delicacy which I am preparing for this weekend!

a view from our house

I do not know what happened to the spring this year ,because in Umbria  these days it is raining and is pretty cold, but the nice part about this, is also that the famous  green Umbria hills are incredibly  lush  these days. Yes, because there’s nothing better than rain for the earth and clearly for my vegetable garden, a perfect natural nourishment.  So I thought then that could be nice to show to you what  surrounds us, our home and our, almost famous, dog Lui and at the same time give you the recipe for this  finger food ,good for spring(hoping that will bring good luck), made from a strange (you will maybe think ) but delicious combination of ricotta cheese, strawberries and a dash of paprika.

Our home

Lui trying to fly

So my idea for this weekend is that I do not want to worry about weather and  I will watch the panorama with a good glass of Prosecco eating this finger foods and I tell you: who cares about the rain, because I will wear a warm jumper and I’ll stay under the portico anyway! !
Ingredients for 12 cannoli
2 sheets of filo pastry  
200 grams ricotta cheese
4 strawberries
1 / 3 teaspoon sweet paparika

How it works:
Butter the molds of cannoli. Cut the filo pastry in strips of wire at the similar size of the mold (minus an inch). Brush the egg over the strips and wrap them one by one to molds. Brush again with beaten egg. Bake at 180 degrees for 4 minutes. Once golden remove from the oven to cool and pull out Theme from the mold (Being Careful not to break them!). In blender blend together the ricotta, strawberries and paprika. Using a pastry bag filled  cannoli with cream cheese and strawberries. Perfect with a glass of Prosecco wine or cool white wine. 

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