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Prosciutto e melone

prosciutto e melone

I am one of those people who eat the ham but leaves the melon. …  you’re probably thinking , what’s the point of putting it on the blog if I never eat it! So here it is, it’s the Antipasto that Italians go crazy for….! Prosciutto and melon is prepared in two minutes, has very few calories and loved by children and grownups alike … .. but not me !!!!! I do like watermelon, but the combination with ham ,does not work, I tried. A few years ago when I started my first vegetable garden, I had also planted a couple of melons only because my family loves them. I had also planted a watermelon, this was for me. But after that year I decided not to plant them again . Indeed, these are plants that need lots of hot sun and water. Despite using the well (which has rainwater inside) I would rather use the water for the tomatoes before the well sooner or later runs dry! Anyway I hope you enjoy the idea of the post today, because frankly this photo is so beautiful that even i want to eat it too!
Prosciutto and melon
How it works:
Depriving the melon of rind and seeds, cut into slices and rap around the ham. 

2 comments to Prosciutto e melone

  • Leonora Kuhlman

    Would you mind me demanding where you got the image in this write-up from?concept.

  • Hi Leonora, welcome to my blog. ALL the photos in the blog have been taken by my husband , a profesional photographer.
    I’m sure you didn’t mean to be rude , but demanding is a not very polite term.
    How ever i hope you liked it.

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