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A double yummy!

grill vegetable


I know you were worried ,I know you thought …well, what’s  happened this week ,there are no  zucchini in the blog?????  I do not want to disappoint anyone so here they are.  What’s more it’s a double version! WAHOOO.  Considering also  that my garden is at the moment in full production with Aubergines. … I thought to cook both on the bbq (actually,  you know who has to do it as I don’t bbq!) Part of them we ate right away with a simple dressing and some  I put  aside in a jar with plenty  of evo oil .

grilled vegetable in the jar


I used parsley, garlic ,evo oil ,chili and a pinch of salt. For those in the jar I also added a dash of wine vinegar (for better preservation). Grilled vegetables in a jar are an excellent side dish to use during the winter and are mostly a great way to get rid of the excessive production during  summer. I recommend however to be very careful that the jar is well sterilized. As regards to the vegetables we ate immediately ,what can I say……….. they were great!!!!

4 zucchini
2 aubergines
Two handfuls of parsley
2 cloves garlic
Evo oil in abundance
Salt  ,   2 chili
White wine vinegar.
How it works:
Cut the vegetables lengthwise., 3 mm thick. Bbq or grill in the oven. In a bowl combine Evo oil , a handful of chopped parsley, 1 clove chopped garlic, salt and 1 chopped chili.  Pour the dressing over the grilled vegetables. For grilled vegetables to be preserved. Use a sterilized jar and fill it almost to the top with the vegetables, Evo oil,a handful of chopped parsley, 1 clove chopped garlic salt and 1 chopped chili, add a dash of vinegar. The vegetables in the jar should be completely covered with the Evo oil . To ensure there are no air bubbles inside the jar. Leave the jar open overnight and top up with Evo oil the next day. Close the jar and store it in a dry place.

2 comments to A double yummy!

  • Lorna

    yes, I’m going to be doing this too. I have lots of courgettes, a really good crop this year. I am very excited about it, but can’t eat them fast enough! This is a perfect solution.

  • Tara Meedy

    Thankyou Simona,great recipes as always,the courgettes come fast and furious so great to have some more ideas.

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