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Sun dried Tomatoes

Tomato Passata sauce, part 1

Tomato Passata sauce, part 2

Bella Umbria

Fettucie di Garofalo cooked with a Asti Spumante, saffron, goat cheese and white pepper.


It was 1960 when the local river last overflowed here in Orvieto, 52 years later the Paglia has burst its banks again and caused terrible damage , but just as then, people have proved to be courageous, united and ready to help each other. The people from Orvieto turned out to be so brave and big-hearted in this drama I am really proud to live here  .

Eventually the sun did come out and life has returned to almost normal. We were able to collect our newly pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil and enjoyed our first bruschetta, then unseeing any excuse we dribbled it over every delicacy we could think of.

But more positive things have happened during the past week . Infact , I had the pleasure of being introduced to yet another beautiful reality of this area and once again I have to thank my friend Emanuele, who is a real foodie/gourmet.


Decugnao dei Barbi wine Estate

Emanuele runs the local gardening shop but his real passion is cooking. Over the years I have spent many a happy time exchanging recipes and cooking techniques. He was responsible for introducing me to a very good  Buffalo Mozzarella cheese producer , a great Truffle Hunter and the best fishmonger that sells his fresh fish from his  van.  Now it was time for the SAFFRON ! A  small company called “Farmers Ideas “in the village of Ficulle, have recently  started picking their Saffron flowers and I had some of their saffron’s strands , I felt so lucky !! I couldn`t get home quick enough to try a new recipe:  Fettucie di Garofalo (pasta) cooked with a Asti Spumante and saffron sauce, goat cheese and white pepper. So YUMMY!

So once again, many thanks to both you Emanuele and this beautiful Umbria that 11 years ago welcomed Nick and I to make our home here, and still continues to amaze us with its beauty and its many great products.

4 comments to Bella Umbria

  • jackie

    lovely little story and great photos,you are so lucky

  • Kathleen

    Happy to hear things are getting back to normal. all of your photographs are breath-taking and your food pictures are divine. I feel like I’m in another country every time I visit your blog—Thank you

  • Cathy

    Stunning photographs! Makes me want to return to Italy next summer!

  • Ash

    So sorry to hear the pain you had to go through.
    Now that life is picking up, here’s wishing you all the best.
    You have a great blog!
    These photos are breathtaking..too beautiful!
    Thanks to Lindyloumac of News from Italy for introducing your blog to me :)
    Take care.

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