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A challenge

Monlus 70% dark chocolate served on English custard and hazelnuts.


Last week I was contacted by a Wine Cellar that produces fantastic wines in this area. They asked me if I could /would create a menu where each course would combine with and compliment their wines ,from the aperitif to the dessert. What a wonderful challenge, I was so pleased and honoured to be asked to undertake this.  Fantastic I thought, this is exactly the reason why last year I decided to study and take the Sommelier diploma.

20 guests, a new professional kitchen … with myself in it..How could I resist even though I was a little nervous ! NO correction  .. I was VERY nervous!
When I  walked into the kitchen I was to use, everything was fantastic, space, equipment, accessories … now the only thing that was missing was the food.

The day before the event ,I was able to organize and complete part of the preparations and leave them in the huge, beautiful new fridge. On the actual day when the stove started to warm up the adrenaline flowed ,and it was go go go with the dishes flying out of the kitchen all under careful supervision ….but even with all this activity the waiter still, very kindly, found time to reassure me that all the guests were very happy and satisfied. But the thing that made me happiest was that every plate came back to the kitchen completely EMPTY. The last dish of the meal was a dessert made with a 70% dark chocolate, served on English custard and hazelnuts. This was matched with The “San Valentino 1861” produced with Merlot and Cabernet Franc grapes.

Later when I entered the dining room I was amazed to be greeted with a big round of applause. I was so super embarrassed , and with my heartbeat racing I just wanted one thing at that point…to go back home , tell Nick all about it and have a nice glass of wine .

Mamma mia, I DO so love this work and I hope in the future to be able to keep on learning and grow more and more …

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