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Treasure trail

pancetta salad


Each year I make the same mistake! When it’s time to plant  in the vegetable garden, I am so pleased that I put all the salad  in one day. The result is that when the salad is ready, IT ‘S ALL READY AT THE SAME TIME! And then….. we find ourselves eating salad for lunch , salad for dinner, salad for lunch and then again at dinner time, a real nightmare! Usually for lunch I season my salad with just salt and evo  oil (home grown evo oil) but in the evening, considering the hunger, we seek to enrich it with different ingredients.

in my vegetable garden


Fortunately, today we got  fresh pancetta from Abruzzo. Do you remember I told you that my father is from Abruzzo? Well, in Abruzzo, after the Second World War many of the men moved to Rome to seek work (among them was my grandfather ). After so many years, the situation is that many Abruzzesi now live in Rome . The great thing about this is  ,these people are so linked to the region and their origins, that every few weeks they organize a van to bring to Rome food typical from the area.

abruzzo view


Meat being considered the most precious item on this little van of treasure. I find this story so incredibly beautiful and  fascinating . So my father, every now and then, buy’s this delicious meat. One of the last things he bought was  pancetta seasoned in red chilies. But the real luck is that my parents decided to come and visit us and brought the chili pancetta!!!!! !!

abruzzo view

 So now my salad is mixed with little pieces of Abruzzo treasure, thanks to a man with a van.

Three or four different types of salad
2 spring onions
A handful of cherry tomatoes
Black olives
3 slices of  spicy pancetta
EVO oil
How it works:
Wash the salad, drain off excess water. Cut and put in a large bowl. Combine olives, tomatoes, onion finely chopped. Fry in a pan garlic with EVO oil . After a few seconds add the bacon cut into large dice. Cook until  golden. Put aside to cool down. Combine the bacon and salad . Add salt and evo oil. Mix well and serve.

9 comments to Treasure trail

  • barbara mcmahon

    Hi simona – very jealous that you are eating chili-infused pancetta:it would be so delicious. In the salad you describe I would also make my own bread croutons – cubes of old bread, drizzled with EVO oil and salt and pepper – and even more chilli – and baked int he oven till crisp. keep up the good work. I enjoy hearing about your culinary adventures and experiments in Umbria.

  • Thank you Barbara, I do love the idea of the bread croutons ,so for my next salad I will definitively add it . Ciao and please keep sending me ideas.

  • Lorna

    These pictures look fantastic, and as usual your recipe is making me hungry. I rather like Babara’s idea of adding the chili-infused croutons too…… . I am loving your site, and all the ideas.

  • I found your website through a yahoo search on “earth-friendly” I really enjoy it! We have started a “green” directory and would really enjoy it if you added your site for everyone to find it Its free, and its only for sites dedicated to the sustaining of our green Earth! Thanks for being you.

  • Pete Bondre

    Hi there could I reference some of the information from this post if I reference you with a link back to your site?

  • Try if u like and let’s see what happens

  • Chang Sesareo

    I hope you will keep updating your content constantly as you have one dedicated reader here.

  • Lynwood Gertelman

    These are very nice tips that I will try out, I am glad I ran into it. Thanks.

  • Hi and welcome.Please u like the blog . let me know which dish u will make.thanks

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