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Not again!!!!!!



No, not the savory croissants, again! This was the comment by Nick! But let’s start from the beginning. As I wrote in my blog a long time ago, the savory croissants are a classic at my house, they are something fast to make so I do them often …. in Nick’s view, too often. So today when he saw me cutting the pastry, he feared   I was preparing savory croissants( although that doesn’t stop him eating them all).  This other little idea is a quick way to make an appetizer that is done here in Umbria. Ok the difference is that they make the home made dough and  mix in bacon and cheese (their called Lumachelle ,because they look like little snails ,DELICIOUS). So if you don’t have much time and don’t mind cheating this is the perfect way  to prepare an appetizer that’s salty and very good . However, soon I hope to have the inspiration to do the original ones, but for now let’s just eat these!

Serves 4 as an appetizer
1 pastry
A thick slice of Lonzino (or bacon or smoked ham)
1 slice of pecorino cheese  ( or cheddar cheese)
1 egg white
How it works:
Cut the pastry (which is circular or rectangular) into strips about 2 cm large and about 10 cm long. Cut the cheese and the lonzino into tiny cubes . On each strip of pastry  place a little bit of cheese and a bit of lonzino. Press firmly so that they remain still. Then roll each strip .Brush with egg white on both sides . On a baking tray lined with oven paper, cook the lumachelle at 200 degrees for 10 minutes, or when you see them start to become golden.

2 comments to Not again!!!!!!

  • the searcher

    ma che bel sito!
    scoperto grazie a “il fumo uccide” ripasserò a curiosare.
    io scrivo di cose mooolto meno utili… politica, cinema, idiosincrasie…
    a ripassare
    rhe searcher

  • Ciao e ben venuto, ringrazio “fumo” per averti suggerito di passare.Ti aspetto alla prossima visita.

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