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Sun dried Tomatoes

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The ladies prefer oil to ice

tonnarelli and green beans pesto

Time for green beans!! Even with these I think I have exaggerated. I planted 20 plants and so now  I have to create some ‘recipes. Talking with the ladies of Allerona, just to be safe, I have checked a bit ‘about the possibility of freezing some of the beans, so I could  use these during the winter. Well the result was that for 70% of the ladies, the best way to store beans is to put them in a jar with evo oil , garlic and chilies. If the green beans are frozen, when you defrost them, they lose part of the crispiness  and they become “mosci” , too soft, they said. I trust them ,so when we become tired of eating green beans, I’ll start putting them in jars, plus considering that  here at home we have plenty of  extra virgin olive oil (EVO oil) and dried chilies from the 15 plants Nick planted last year , I will definitely use their recipe. For now, I thought to start by making a fresh pesto. I  blended the green beans with oregano and chives, I added almonds and a handful of Parmesan … ….


 I also used fresh tonnarelli pasta, homemade of course (they are the first green beans, after all, so they deserve a good welcome) !!!!!! Not bad, not bad at all…….

Anyway ,for my point of view , once the pesto is done, this can also be frozen ,just pour a little evo oil on top before freezing.

Serves 2:
250 grams of tonnarelli pasta
2 handfuls of green beans
8 cherry tomatoes
1 handful of fresh oregano and chives
20 grams of almonds without skin
3 dessert spoons of cooking water from the green beans
1 tablespoon grated Parmesan cheese
Salt and pepper
Evo Oil
How it works:
 Boil green beans. When tender set aside and keep the water (you will use it for cooking pasta later)
Grill cherry tomatoes with salt, pepper  and evo oil  . When cooked and  soft  set aside.
In a processor, combine 2 / 3 of the beans, oregano and chives, Parmesan, almonds, 3 dessert spoons of cooking water from the green beans, salt, pepper and abundant evo oil . Mix everything until you get a creamy pesto. In a pan heat the pesto and add the 1 / 3 of the beans , chopped in half and grilled tomatoes. Cook the pasta in the water from the green beans, al dente and drain. Mix the paste with cream of green beans pesto.Serve.

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