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Sun dried Tomatoes

Tomato Passata sauce, part 1

Tomato Passata sauce, part 2

Oh! Susanna...

Supper Club

Here I am, I’m back. The holiday in Sardinia was SUPER  fun but I will speak about  this in the next post. 

Now there’s no time. Yes, because since I came back I have not stopped cooking! This is a good thing for me, of course, but there is nothing more beautiful than cooking in your kitchen, especially when you have  new ovens! 

So yesterday was Supper Club time . The table was set up beautifully  and the sunflowers just give  a perfect summer look. 


We had some local guests happy to come back and others who have just flown from Indiana and Florida. A fantastic mix of people united by the same passion for food and wish to spend a relaxing day in the country side.
We started with a cold glass of Chardonnay followed by three type of finger food. Under the porch was a beautiful fresh breeze  and in the distance …. I could see my two goats looking very intrigued. 

chatting with my guests during Aperitivo




  We served six different course and with  every course I quickly explained to my guests the dish before them.  Everything seemed to flowing nicely . 






Five minutes after bringing out the chicken dish, Nick called  into the kitchen to say to me: Simona, YOU MUST GO OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW. 

 My heart stopped and I went out with my head down, ready for complaints ……but luckily  a big round of applause was there for me! It was amazing and embarrassing at the same time. I was very happy, plus the couple from Indiana have  been so nice to bring me a gift!!!!! 

Me very very embarassed!

They produce handmade PAPER on their farm ! BELLISSIMA, please go and  have a look to this web site . Anyway , I was very happy with this gift, so thanks again Kathryn and Howard. 



 Then after lunch, Howard decided to play some music for us and ….from a small bag he took out a BANJO!!!  This was for me the first time I had seen a Banjo and everybody started to sing … I felt  like I was in an old American movie. It was great! 




  So, ciao for now and be ready for the next adventure  on the  7th of August  Supper Club. 




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