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Look out, Orvieto!




“We are a group of girls” she said ,” do you think we could come to you for a cooking class?” Victoria was the girl I meet first by email ,her job was to organize this BIG cooking class for 24 girls from the UK,Hong Kong, New York, Austrailia, Dubai and Sweden!! “We are not very much in to cooking but we would love to have fun and learn a little bit about Italian food”, she said. “P.s. I forgot to mention that we are a HEN PARTY and will be dressed in 1950’s cloths!”

O MAMMA MIA!, look out Orvieto!!!! I was very looking forward to meet them and finally on Monday afternoon, I left home carrying all the ingredients we needed , plus a large quantity of wine, as suggested by Nick. Here they were at the Palazzo del Gusto looking beautiful and  ready for action. Different ages, all dressed up and wearing  aprons that they had drawn on themselves, assolutamente bellissime.

Nick very kindly offered to come and take some pictures (surprise surprise) .And  an hour into the lesson he arrived – “oh , it’s the stripper gram” someone shouted- at which point I’d never seen him look so scared .










Auguri!!!! Terry


Top of our menu to prepare was a classic Italian dish “la Parmigiana” and for a group of ladies who professed , not be particularly into cooking they were amazingly good.

The bride , Terry was very good fun , not to mention extremely pretty. All in all , we had a wonderful  evening and it proved to me again that cooking can be a great way to meet people and have a good time!!

Congratulation to Terry, we wish you all the best.

5 comments to Look out,Orvieto!

  • Chelsea Prior

    Thank you for a wonderful cooking experience, we really enjoyed it. We would recommend this class to anyone!
    Lots of love.

  • Ruth Mitchell

    What a fantastic hen party we had. This was a great idea and I would recommend it to everyone. Such great fun and lovely Italian food.
    Thank you.


  • Lynn

    This was a great way to spend a hen night. Lots of wine good company and the ability to make easy amazing food. I will definitely be trying to make the recipes when i get home. Poor Nick, I think he was a bit scared by the end of it. Thanks again.

  • Caroline Mitchell

    I was so pleased when I heard the “hens” were going to a cookery class as I love cooking and it was a fabulous chance to make lovely Italian food, which I will make again at home. Not only did I learn something but it was such good fun, with everyone joining in and doing things to help! Thanks so much.

  • Jane Pickering

    Will be trying out the recipes without the (WELL DONE) pine nuts!
    A wonderful Hen Night with expert tuition and such good fun. Not to be missed.
    Thank you

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